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Commercial Motor Vehicle Offences

Most commercial motor vehicle operators are aware that charges against commercial motor vehicles carry with them very large fines. You also know that rigorous inspections that must be done on the vehicle before each and every trip daily.


There are further restrictions in respect of driving hours, loads, lane usage just to mention a few.


CVOR's must be issued to all commercial vehicles operating in Ontario. Points are associated to the company's CVOR and points are assessed to the company as a result of charges laid by the Ministry of Transportation enforcement officers or by the police. The number of points allowed to a company depends on the number of miles that vehicle logs in a year.


If you are charged with a critical defect, your tractor and/or trailer will be impounded by the Ministry and you will be responsible for all towing and storage charges associated with the impoundment, and you will have to get the unit repaired.


Let Off The Hook Paralegal assist either the driver or the company with these charges. In many cases an out of town driver will not have to make the trip to attend court.



Commercial,Windsor-Essex,Chatham-Kent,Off The Hook Paralegal,CVORs,MInistry of Transportation,Enforcement,Restrictions
Commercial,Windsor-Essex,Chatham-Kent,Off The Hook Paralegal,CVORs,MInistry of Transportation,Enforcement,Restrictions
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