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About Us

Off The Hook Paralegal is a fully licenced firm that will assist anyone who finds themselves charged with a driving offence. Off The Hook Paralegal will go to court and fight for you, your driving privileges, while protecting your wallet. Walter Martin, owner at Off the Hook Paralegal, is a former police officer with the traffic enforcement unit and a certified operator of several Breathalyzer instruments used to test impaired drivers. Walter Martin obtained the highest qualification in Canada as a court certified expert in motor vehicle collisions and as an investigator of fatal collisions. As a certified instructor of police radar and police laser, Walter instructed other officers how to use this technology properly.


After graduating from college with honors, Walter Martin started Off The Hook Paralegal with the goal to represent anyone who has been charged with a driving offence. Off The Hook Paralegal is located in the downtown Windsor area and continues to represent drivers in Southwest Ontario.  Walter Martin will work with you, and for you, to defend your rights using knowledge, qualifications, training, and experience.


Off The Hook Paralegal can examine the charging document to determine if there are any “fatal errors” that will result in the charge being withdrawn. Walter will then obtain full disclosure to examine the prosecution’s case to find any weaknesses and use these weaknesses to your benefit. Walter has a vast knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario and often negotiates a lesser offence than the original wrongdoing resulting in lesser or no loss of demerit points.


Off The Hook Paralegal accepts cash, cheque, debit, Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card for services rendered.


If you are charged with a driving offence -- either a ticket or a summons, contact us for your free consultation.




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