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Careless Driving

Very often in Windsor-Essex, Chatham Kent jurisdictions, careless driving tickets are issued in motor vehicle collisions. A careless driving charge is one of the most serious charges under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. Depending on the type of charging document you may be facing a fine up to $1000.00, up to 6 months imprisonment, or both, and a possible license suspension for a period not to exceed 2 years. Most drivers are unaware of the seriousness of this offence. A conviction of this will cause your insurance rates to raise an incredible amount. Yearly increases of $5000.00 per year are not uncommon.


In many cases police officers charge drivers with Careless Driving while other lesser charges are much more appropriate under the surrounding circumstances. There can be many defenses to these charges with the end result being a reduction to a much lesser offence or a complete dismissal of the charge.


Please contact our office and ask if I can help you with your Careless Driving charge, or any other charges. Remember information on your situation is not only free but only a phone call away.



Windsor-Essex,Chatham-Kent,Careless Driving,Off The Hook Paralegal,Vehicle,Imprisonment,Traffic,Police,
Windsor-Essex,Chatham-Kent,Careless Driving,Off The Hook Paralegal,Vehicle,Imprisonment,Traffic,Police,
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