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Demerit Points and Fully Licenced Drivers

As a fully licensed driver, if you get six demerit points, you will be informed about your driving record.


At nine points, you may have to go to an interview to discuss your record and give reasons why your licence should not be suspended. You may also have to complete a driver re-examination (vision, knowledge and road tests). If you fail, your licence will be cancelled.

If you fail to attend an interview, or fail to give good reasons for keeping your licence, your licence may be suspended.


At 15 or more points, your licence will be suspended for 30 days from the date you surrender it to the Ministry of Transportation for the first suspension. You can lose your licence for up to two years if you fail to surrender your licence.


After the suspension, the number of points on your record will be reduced to seven. Any new points obtained could again bring you to the interview level. If you reach 15 points again, your licence will be suspended for six months.



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