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Driving Under Suspension

In Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, and in all of Ontario, if you are a suspended driver, and are caught driving while suspended the consequences are severe. For the first offence you face a minimum fine of $1000.00 plus victim surcharge and up to $5000.00 as well as having your driver's license suspended again for a period of at least 6 months. Each subsequent offence within a 5 year period will result in a minimum fine of $2000.00 up to $5000.00, or to imprisonment for a term of not more than 6 months, or both.Repeat offenders often find themselves incarcerated as a result of driving under suspension.

Depending on why your license is suspended we may be able to help you getting your license reinstated.


This may seriously assist your situation with the outstanding charges.

Too many people underestimate the consequences of these charges and end up owing thousands upon thousands in fines as well as being given a term of incarceration.


Many other charges go along with driving under suspension including no insurance, as many suspended driver's do not get insurance. Even if you are paying for insurance, if you get involved in a collision most insurance companies will not cover the claim due to the fact that a suspended driver was operating the vehicle.


Recently area police are impounding the vehicles of suspended driver's and refusing to release them until the charges are completed. Let us help you getting your vehicle back so you are not facing additional "hidden fines" associated with storage bills.


Come in for a free consultation and see if I can help you not only defend against this serious charge but help you in getting your license back.

Driving Under Suspension,Off The Hook Paralegal,Windsor,Ontario,Suspended,Insurance,Impounding,Driving Under Suspension
Driving Under Suspension,Off The Hook Paralegal,Windsor,Ontario,Suspended,Insurance,Impounding,Driving Under Suspension
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