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Motor Vehicle Collisions

If you are involved in a collision in Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent you are not alone. Thousands of motorists are involved in collisions each year. In most cases when the police attend the scene the officer will speak to the drivers of the vehicles, determine if they can find any independent witnesses and examine the roadway, and the vehicles.


Most officers have minimal training in accident investigation, but they will determine who is at fault and clear the accident with a charge. Many times the charge laid is not the most appropriate.


As a former police officer, I have taken courses all across North America, and obtained the highest level of certified expert in the field of collision reconstruction. I have been certified as a court expert in several different levels of court. I have investigated thousands of motor vehicle collisions during my police career including assisting in one of the largest multi-vehicle multi-fatality collisions in Canadian History as well as being the lead investigator in many fatal collisions.


My knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act, and its contents may be able to assist you in your situation if you find yourself charged with an offence after a motor vehicle collision.


Call our office for your free consultation before paying that ticket, or going to court on a summons.


Motor Vehicle Collisions,Off The Hook Paralegal,Windsor-Essex,Charham-Kent,Collision Re-construction,Accident
Motor Vehicle Collisions,Off The Hook Paralegal,Windsor-Essex,Charham-Kent,Collision Re-construction,Accident
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