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Speeding Offences

If you received a speeding ticket in Windsor, Essex County or Chatham Kent or anywhere in Ontario you should be wondering what you should do. Speeding charges are generally laid by the police as a result of radar or laser enforcement although they may be the result of aircraft or even pacing.


Radar and Laser speed measuring devices can only be used by trained officers. Both devices depend on the knowledge and proper usage to obtain an accurate reading. Inaccurate readings may result if proper procedures are not followed or by operator error. As a former certified instructor and operator of both Police Radar and Laser I am aware of the proper usage of the instruments and of the issues that can result in improper readings.


Fines for speeding violations vary with your speed as do demerit points. The higher the rate of speed over the posted limit the higher the fine, number of demerit points and eventually your insurance premiums.


Speeding fines are also increased drastically in community safety zones and some construction zones when workers are present.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your speeding tickets, it could result in an administrative license suspension.


Let my knowledge work for you rather than just paying the fine and watching your insurance rates increase. Off The Hook Paralegal will examine the ticket and determine what your best course of action for your defence of the violation.


As a former police officer who has not only been a certified operator of radar and laser, but as a certified instructor of both radar and laser, I am well aware of the issues regarding the accuracy and proper procedure of both types of speed measuring devices.


Windsor-Essex,Chatham-Kent,Off The Hook Paralegal,Ticket,Speeding,Enforcement,Demerit Points,Insurance,Police
Windsor-Essex,Chatham-Kent,Off The Hook Paralegal,Ticket,Speeding,Enforcement,Demerit Points,Insurance,Police
Windsor-Essex,Chatham-Kent,Off The Hook Paralegal,Ticket,Speeding,Enforcement,Demerit Points,Insurance,Police
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